Toshio Kashio Memorial Foundation

About the Museum of Invention

Necessity is not the mother of invention, invention is the mother of necessity

Toshio Kashio became interested in Thomas Edison from an early age and wanted to become an inventor. All he could think about was trying to create something the world had never seen before. Over the years, he came up with numerous inventions based on the firm conviction that if one creates something useful, people will certainly want it. The Museum of Invention features many of Toshio Kashio's inventions and valuable related materials, along with items that convey the personality of the inventor.

Toshio Kashio Memorial Museum of Invention

The Toshio Kashio Memorial Museum of Invention was established on May 15, 2013. Its purpose is to convey to future generations the achievements of the inventor Toshio Kashio (1925–2012). Together with his brothers, he invented the 14-A, the world's first compact all-electric calculator, and contributed to the development of the electronics industry in Japan. The museum occupies a portion of his home in Seijo, the site of many of his inspirations.

Profile of the Toshio Kashio Memorial Foundation

Official name
Toshio Kashio Memorial Foundation
(General Incorporated Foundation)
Operation of the Toshio Kashio Memorial Museum of Invention
March 8, 2012
Managing Director
Takashi Kashio